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VoteMeApp allows organizations, groups and communities to make decisions online by providing e-voting technology.

Many types of elections - one tool

Election organizers may pick the best type of election that fits their community. We have four types of elections: Single Choice Voting, Multiple Choice Voting, Rank-Choice Voting and Open Voting.

Sinlge choice screen

Single/Multiple Choice Voting

This type of elections is best for fast decisions (Yes/No/Abstain) and when your voters are almost equally informed about decisions that they need to make. Multiple voting is a better fit for complicated issues where voters need to have more options. We recommend this type of ballot when the voters choices are multiple and the options are not mutually exclusive.

Rank-choice screen

Rank-Choice Voting

Ranked-Choice voting is an electoral selection technique used to provide assurance and security for all voters by providing them with the option to rank candidates based upon personal preference: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on, rather than indicating support for only one candidate. This type of elections, also known as Instant-runoff voting, is used in Australian state and federal elections, in Ireland for its presidential elections, and by some jurisdictions in the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Open vote screen

Open Voting

This type of election is best for electing the most trusted leaders. There are no candidates per se, like in other kinds of elections. All voters may vote for each other. In the end, we calculate the voting graph, and the person with the most trusted rank becomes the winner.

Online General Assembly

We offer the web platform integrated with live stream, chat, quorum tracking, proof of identity and real-time voting for large communities planning to hold the General Assembly.

Improving democracy

We continue to educate people and reimagine the future of democracy by organizing yearly the Future of Democracy conference.

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VoteMeApp has been used by

  • Professional associations,
  • Social-political organizations,
  • Communities of people,
  • Events and conferences organizers,
  • Agile corporations,
  • Studies groups.

How to run an election

  1. Install the free app VoteMeApp on Android or VoteMeApp on iOS.
  2. Confirm VoterID with phone number validation and a selfie picture.
  3. Organize any type of elections for your group.
  4. Vote & invite others to vote for existing ballots.


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