Startup timeline

For democratic decision-making, transparency and trust are essential. At VoteMeApp, we help our clients to increase transparency. Here you can follow the evolution and milestones of our company for our employers, clients and investors.

September 2007
Our founder, Vitalie Eșanu, experiment with a new election algorithm inspired by Google Page Rank that we eventually name Open Voting.
2008 organized an election for blogger contest Blogovat, where the winner was our second founder Artur Gurău.
Until 2018
Vitalie runs various election experiments on his technical university students to prove that the Open Voting algorithm is viable.
June 2018
At the Upgrade Democracy Conference in Bucharest, we fancied elaborating on the initial idea for a mobile-first app.
November 2018
Artur approach Vitalie to build a voting solution for Digital Communication Network local community leaders elections, where he was the Chairman of the board.
December 2018
Vitalie tested the monetization model with a small group of people.
January 2019
Under the new naming VoteMeApp, Vitalie starts building a new mobile app that allows people to run an Open Voting algorithm, voting for the best leaders.
March 2019
We presented VoteMeApp beta version at a Public Library event in Chisinau with Emma Lacey-Bordeaux from CNN.
June 2019
In Montenegro, at Digital Influencer in Action Forum, we tested with 150 participants the first open voting election. We got the first modest revenue from in-app purchase, that proof that people are curious to see more information about top ranking persons and their position in the general rank.
November 2019
We run real-time voting for Moldova Youth Parlament.
December 2019
VoteMeApp run an open voting election to select "The person of the year" for VIP Magazine. The winner was a teacher that trains the Moldova Robotics team. In 2019 Moldova won three gold medals in International Robotics Champion.
January 2020
Artur Gurău accepts the role of CEO of VoteMeApp.
March 2020
Due to the pandemic, Technical University in Moldova asks VoteMeApp to find a solution and run their General Assembly virtually.
March 2020
The Technical University of Moldova runs the General Assembly on the VoteMeApp web platform with Livestream, quorum tracking and real-time voting. We received the first revenue from the organization of the voting process in a General Assembly.
May 2020
We add single choice and multiple choice voting algorithms in the mobile application at the request of our customers.
June 2020
European Business Association in Moldova organized their General Assembly on the VoteMeApp web platform.
September 2020
We organize our first "Future of Democracy conference" with 12 international speakers.
October 2020
We updated the copy on our landing page using GPT-3 artificial intelligence solution and reached the #1 position on our main keywords on Google Search.
October 2020
The Moldovan Association of ICT Companies becomes the first organization committed to an annual subscription to run their board meetings.
November 2020
The political party, Party of Action and Solidarity, becomes the first party committed to an annual subscription for our services.
November 2020
Moldova Youth Parlament use real-time decision-making for the second year in a row.
December 2020
The Alliance of Democracies Foundation invited us to their first Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship.
January 2021
We add a new rank-choice algorithm to our voting platform.
March 2021
We facilitate the General Assembly of Moldova IT Park - a cluster of 700 IT companies.
May 2021
We presented VoteMeApp at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit in Denmark.
May 2021
We published a redesigned 2nd version of Android in the beta stage.